How do I assign an activity?



Through the Parent account, you are able to browse and preview all of the worksheets that we have on the site. You can then select the ones that you'd like your child to do. To get started, you need to assign the activity to your child's Student account.


Assign from Browse activities  browse2.jpg

By clicking on the 'Browse' button, from the top of the grey column on the left hand side of your Parent dashboard, you'll be able to select the subject and year group that you're interested in. You can then see a list of topics, or see how the activities are structured according to the National Curriculum.

By clicking onto a topic, for example - Addition or Punctuation, you will then be given a list of within the activities at topic for that particular year group.

From there, you can simply select the worksheets you'd like to assign by ticking the box to the right of the activity titles, and click assign assign.jpg. Once you've successfully assigned a worksheet, you'll see a tick next the activity checked.


Assign from keyword search  search.jpg

You are able to browse for a particular worksheet or group of activity by typing a keyword into the search bar, located in the top right hand corner of the page.

In the search results, click on the eye icon Edplace Preview to view the activity information.

Then click the Assign button and assign the activity to your child  Assign.png.


Once you have successfully assigned your activity, remember that they must all be completed through your child's Student account, in order for the worksheets to be marked and the scores to be tracked.


Please click here to read about our 'Auto-Assign Function', which can be switched on if you would prefer for the system to automatically assign an activity  to your child's Student account.

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    This is my first use of this website and hope I will benefit from it.

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    It would help if child could be notified directly by e-mail when work is assigned.

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