Completed worksheets - Auto and Manual Marking

There are two types of worksheets on EdPlace (Automatic and Manual marking)


1. Automatic Marking

Once your child has completed a worksheet it will appear in your 'Completed' worksheets page with the answers automatically marked. 

To review their answers click on the preview icon  Mag.Glass.png

You will be able to go through their worksheet and see their answers.


2. Manual Marking

Manual marking worksheets are typically subjective worksheets where there's no wrong or right answer for example in English comprehension worksheets.

Once your child has completed a manual marking worksheet, it will appear in your completed worksheets page.  You will also receive a notification on your My EdPlace page and Eddie will send you an e-mail.

To mark the worksheet, click on the mark icon in the completed worksheets page:  MarkWorksheet.png

Read your child's answers.  Each question will show you how many marks there are available and provide instructions on what you should be looking for in their answer.

Enter the number of Marks Obtained and click Next.

Go through all the questions and click Save to complete the marking process.

Once complete, your child will be able to see their score and you can review their worksheet at anytime.

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