How does the level system works?

On our site, we have a level system for the majority of our worksheets. Within a year group, there are three levels. Where one topic can be broken down into levels, our teachers create three separate worksheets on that same topic. When browsing for worksheets, you will be able to see the levels grouped together and numbered under the same heading.

For example: Maths Year One - "Add Ten Machine 1" and "Add Ten Machine 2"


Once the student has completed a number of worksheets, our system will automatically generate Suggested Worksheets. These are based on the worksheets that have already been completed, suggesting the higher level worksheets from within the same year group. The Suggested Worksheets can be found under Suggestions on the My EdPlace page of the Parent account. You are then able to assign whichever ones you wish to your child.

Alternatively, you are able to browse all of our worksheets (again, through the Parent account) and search the higher years for worksheets on the same topic. There is no restriction on Year Group or Key Stage on the site, so you are able to assign and complete any worksheets you wish.

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