Can I change my child's year group?

Changing your child's year group is quick and easy. Click onto my subscriptions which is on the left hand side of the parents dash board on the  home page.You will now be presented with the current subscription page. In the subscription account box you will see the student's name and current package. Next to the package details there will be a green box. Please click onto the black pencil which you will take you onto the students edit page.  


You'll now be presented with your child's account details. Update your child's  username, password and year group.

Once your have selected your new year group click save. The auto- assign will now assign worksheets for the year group you have selected as soon as you have completed a worksheet from the new year group. 


If you have confirmed these changes and the worksheets being assigned have not been updated to the new year group then please contact the Edplace support team who will update your account for you. 








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