How do I change my card details?

For customers who created their accounts or resubscribed since March 2015

You can change your card details by logging into you parent account and clicking onto My Subscription.

On your subscription page you will find the subscription overview section. In this section there will be a grey tab labelled " Update Card details". Click onto this tab and you will be asked to enter your new details. Click onto confirm and your new card details will be stored. 

For customers who created their accounts before March 2015

If you are an existing customer on EdPlace you will have a payment agreement with WorldPay. 

To change your credit card details you need to do so through WorldPay .

You can login to your account here:

In case you can't remember your username and password, it was sent by WorldPay when you first signed up in an email entitled "WorldPay FuturePay Confirmation" or use their forgot password functionality.

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