EdPlace Subscription Process

Below is a step-by-step guide to the EdPlace subscription process. We make every effort to make it as clear as possible what you sign up to and when you will be charged - for example, on the pricing page, during the sign up process and in the e-mail after you have created your agreement:


1. Please go to our sign up page at https://www.edplace.com/signup.php

and fill in all required details. 

2. On step one, select either the monthly or annual payment plan for the subsequent payments after your 14 day trial. The next step will be to enter in your student's details. When entering your students username please make sure it us as unique as possible as it may be that someone else may have taken it already. 

An example on an username being already existed: 

3. Once you have entered in your students username and have selected their subject plan you will find the payment summary; informing you of your payment for your trial and when your trial ends. 


Enter in your card details and then click onto the pay securely as listed below. 

Upon confirming the account, you are sent an e-mail confirming the creation of your  agreement which will include your log in details for the parent and student account. It will also include your subscription details and  when your first payment is due to be taken. 

NB: The day that you sign up counts as day one of your trial.

4. Complete your 14 day trial. If you find that the site is not for you, you are able cancel at time within your trial period. However, if you cancel within 24 hours of your payment date and you are subsequently charged, EdPlace reserves the right to not issue you with a refund.

5. On the 15th day after you signed up, the monthly or annual payment will be taken and you will be granted further access to your account accordingly.

 Please see our Terms&Conditions for full details: http://www.edplace.com/terms

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