What updates have Edplace made for the new national curriculum.

What updates have EdPlace made for the new national curriculum?


We’ve spent the last two summers re-categorising our worksheets so that all content is now in line with the new curriculum. This means we have ‘moved’ existing content to different year groups (and occasionally key stages) to match the changes. We’ve tweaked and standardised all worksheet titles and descriptions to reflect the new curriculum categories as well as linking them to Topic Tags. Overall, this means even better and more accessible overviews of the curriculum when you are looking for new worksheets to assign to your child.

The new curriculum applies to Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4. The changes for Key Stage 4 for Science will not come into action until 2016, but since many schools already have started to adjust to the new curriculum, we’ve re-categorised our worksheets as well.


Curriculum Topic and Curriculum Subtopics

We have now introduced Curriculum Topics and associated Curriculum Subtopics. These replace the old Curriculum Coverage and Curriculum Skills. It’s a subtle difference that allows us to match how topics are referred to in the new curriculum. As part of the re-categorising of worksheets, we’ve abbreviated all descriptions from the new curriculum to make Curriculum Topics and Subtopics easy to digest and to ensure that your child is able to demonstrate their understanding of each part of a Curriculum Topic.  Many of the Curriculum Topics are available as badges in bronze, silver and gold. Once your child has completed all worksheets in a Curriculum Topic, they will be awarded a bronze badge if they reach an average score of 70%, a silver badge for 80% and gold badge for 90%.


Sharpened Topic Tags

We’ve re-grouped many of our Topic Tags so they are even simpler to approach, understand and locate. At any time, you can click to see where these Tags fit in the new curriculum. This means you can easily search words such as ‘Magnets’, ‘Punctuation’ or perhaps ‘Multiplication’ to find all the worksheets that cover these areas. The Topic Tags are ‘badgeable’, too.

At EdPlace, our levels (1, 2 and 3) are still based on the degree of difficulty. Where one topic can be broken down into levels, our teachers have created three separate worksheets on that same topic so your child can work progressively through a series of worksheet.

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