Will EdPlace work on my iPad, Android, Kindle...?

In short, yes!

For iPad and iPhone users we have a dedicated app. For other mobile devices you can use the internet browser on your device (Internet or Chrome on most Android devices) to access EdPlace as normal, just as you would on a laptop or desktop.

That said, new devices and web browsers are cropping up all the time and whilst we endeavour to support eeach and every one of them sometimes it isn't possible. 
We fully support the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari on desktop and laptop devices and recommend keeping your browser up to date to make sure all your web browsing is fast and secure. To check which browser you currently use or to update your version visit http://whatbrowser.org/. You should also keep up to date with updates from Apple, Amazon and Google if your device runs on one of their operating systems.
If you spot a problem or have a question please let us know by emailing support@edplace.com.
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