How do I report a problem with a worksheet?

Our team of teachers and proofreaders work hard to ensure that all our worksheets are accurate but mistakes do happen. To make sure we can fix any problems as soon as possible please let us know as much as you can about the affected worksheet and we'll get the right person to look at it.

The easiest way to report an issue is to click on the flag in the top right of a worksheet:

You should see this on any completed worksheet and worksheets that a student is currently working on.

After clicking the flag you'll be given a short form to fill out. The more detail you can give us the better but as a minimum we ask that you send us a one line summary. You don't need to include the title or anything else - our system sends us all that information.

If you would like a formal response to your report please include your email address.

When you submit a report you will see a confirmation message. The code (in the format WF-xxx) can be used to follow up with us on a report. You won't receive an email confirmation (we're working on that!) so please take a note of the code if you need to.

You can also report an issue by emailing, calling or speaking to us on live chat. Please make sure you have the name of the affected worksheet to hand.


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