How to complete an activity?

All worksheets follow the same format:

1) An introduction

2) A series of questions

3) A review of your answers


To start a worksheet, click the ‘start’ button next to the activity title in the student dashboard:


Here, you will see the introduction to the worksheet as below:

Once you have understood what will be asked of you, click ‘next’ to
go to the 1st question:

You will now be asked a series of questions, based on the introduction.


If you are stuck and would like to review the introduction again, you
can click help in the top right hand side of the page:

If you would like to give feedback on the worksheet at any point, you
can do that by clicking the   icon at the top right hand side of the

At the end of the questions, you will be given a summary of your scores.
If you scroll down you will see all your answers and the correct answers
for each question:

If ‘auto-assign’ has been switched on, you will be assigned work based
on your performance. You might be asked to do the work again if you
got a low score, or be moved on to harder work if you got a high
score. If you would prefer your worksheets to be manually assigned,
you can switch off auto assign from within the parent dashboard.
Once you have reviewed your scores, you can click on the  icon
at the top left hand side of the page to view the menu and go back to
your dashboard.
If you have any questions, please email us at

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