When should I use the print function?

The printing function is a perfect way for allowing students to practice on the hard copy before attempting to complete the worksheet online. This can be very useful for  going away on holiday and doing a bit of work while enjoying the sun,  or if you might have limited access to the internet. 

The print version of the worksheet will be accompanied with  the answer page for you to go over with your child . We recommend using this function mainly as preparation for an exam. Each student  will need to complete their work via their account so that we are able to monitor their progress and send out our weekly reports informing you as to what topics and subjects that they have improved, and the areas that they will need to improve in.

We do advise that  the print version may differ due to the internet server that you may be using. If you find that you are experiencing any difficulty with printing a worksheet then simply email us at help@edplace.com



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