Problems logging in to student account on iPhone and iPad app - 15 October

UPDATE: This issue should be resolved as of 7am 16 October. If you are still experiencing problems please contact us.

If you have tried to log in to a student account from the parent account by clicking 'Login Student' on our iPad or iPhone apps today (15 October) you will have seen an error message saying the login details were invalid. This is a technical error and is not related to your account.

Students should be able to log in to their student accounts by logging out of the parent account and then back in to the student account directly. You can also continue to log in to your accounts as normal on the website.

We are working hard on a fix for this problem and expect it to be resolved tomorrow morning (16 October). We will update you on progress here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What the problem looks like:

1. Try to log in by clicking on a student's name:

2. Get an 'invalid login' message:

How to work around it:

1. Log out of the parent account to get to the main login screen. Tap 'Student':

2. Log in with your student's login details here:


If you continue to experience problems with logging a student in to their account please contact us at

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