How do I update my card details when my payment has failed?

When a payment has failed, you will first receive an email notifying you that we are unable to take your payment. You will also find this message in your account on the subscription page:

If you wish to make the payment using your current card details then you will not need don't need to do anything. We will make another attempt to charge your card within three days of our first attempt. 

If you decide that you would like to  update your card details then click onto the update card tab which will be located in the a grey box on the subscription page. You will now be asked to enter in your new card details and submit as shown below. 

Click onto confirm and your new card details will have been updated. Please note, we will try to the take the payment on the next retry attempt. This means that the warning message above may still show on your subscription page for up to two days while we wait to attempt payment.

Once we have successfully processed your subscription payment you will not receive further emails.



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