Frequently asked questions for Times Tutorials customers?

First of all, welcome to EdPlace! We're glad to continue providing the same great service that Times Tutorials customers are used to. Below you'll find some answers to questions you may have about the move from Times Tutorials to EdPlace. If we missed something or you're not sure about anything please get in touch by emailing We're happy to help.


What is EdPlace?

EdPlace is the smart technology that has powered Times Tutorials from the beginning. We have worked with The Times and Sunday Times since 2013, providing the content, technology and customer support that Times Tutorials relies on. EdPlace focusses on supporting parents who are seeking solutions to help their children throughout their education. Just like Times Tutorials, you will find all the same quality interactive topics in Maths, English and Science created by qualified teachers with 5+ years experience.

What's different between Times Tutorials and EdPlace?

EdPlace is the smart technology that powers Times Tutorials content. You will be able to enjoy all the same great benefits on

When will my account be transferred?

All Times Tutorials accounts have now been transferred to and you can log in with your existing account details.

What does this mean for me?

We want to make the transition as easy as possible and the good news is, you'll be able to pick up right where you left off. Within the next 40 days Times Tutorials will no longer be accessible and your details and content history will be transferred to EdPlace. The only thing you'll need to do is login on to access all the great benefits.

How will things change for my child?

Your child will be able to access all the same content as they did with Times Tutorials. The one thing they may notice is, instead of Bookie helping them solve tough questions, they'll get to meet Eddie the Owl.

Will my login details be the same?

Your login details will remain the same for both you and your child.

Will I still have access to my child’s progress and current work?

Absolutely. Your child's progress and current work will transition over to Our aim is to make your transition to EdPlace as simple as possible. Having access to your child's progress and current work is all part of this.

Will you continue to assign work to my child's account?

EdPlace is the smart technology that has powered Times Tutorials so the same great features you've grown to love on Times Tutorials will be available for you on This includes the ability to set auto-assigned work.

How do I make changes to my account?

If you'd like to make changes to your account, login to your 'Parent' account and view the 'My Subscription' page on the left-hand sidebar.

Will the price I pay for my subscription change?
The price you pay for your subscription will still be valid for the remainder of the contracted period.

Can I cancel and get a refund?

We're confident you'll find EdPlace as effective and beneficial in your child's education as Times Tutorials. If you do decide you want to leave us, you can cancel your subscription in the 'Accounts' section when you login under the 'Parent' account. You will still be able to take advantage of your subscription throughout the remainder of your contract as we will not be able to refund you if you are already within your subscription period.

Will I need to enter my credit card details?

No. If your credit card details have not changed, you won't need to do anything. However, if you would like to update or change your credit card details, you can do this on the Worldpay site: You will need the details that were sent to you when you first created your account. These will be in an email titled 'WorldPay CARD FuturePay Confirmation'. If you are having trouble locating the details please contact us.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Our customer care team is here to help! Send us an email on or call +44 (0)20 7183 9818

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