Problems completing worksheets on app version 1.10

We are aware that a number of users are having a problem with completing worksheets in the app. Our technical team have now identified the problem and we will make a new version of the app available in the App Store as soon as possible. The app review process at Apple can take up to one week so please bear with us while wait for it to become available.

The problem seems to be caused by worksheets that include 'drag and drop' questions (where your student is asked to drag white boxes on to green ones to match the answers). When one of these questions is loaded subsequent questions and worksheets will not load correctly and will show as blank.

If this happens to you a short term fix is to restart the app (to do this double click the 'Home' button and then swipe the EdPlace app upwards) and then attempt a worksheet that does not contain drag and drop questions. Alternatively you can continue to complete worksheets on the website as normal.

We're very sorry for the frustration this issue has caused to students. Providing you with a fix is our number one priority and we will update you once a new version is available.

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