Using the EdPlace iOS app.

This article is for Tutor and Schools account users. If you’re a parent you might find How do I assign work in the app? helpful.


The EdPlace app for iPhone and iPad is available for students to use. The great news is, the work they complete in the app will show in your Tutor account on the website.


To access the app download it from the App Store and choose ‘Student’ from the login screen. The student should use the same login details on the app as they use on the website (if you’re not sure what these are follow the [instructions here]).


Once the student is logged in they can view their assigned worksheets and complete these in the app. Just tap on ‘Start’ on a worksheet and swipe left to move through the questions. If your student has [Self Assign] switched on they will be able to browse and assign worksheets to themselves from within the app.


It is not currently possible for tutors to manage assigned and completed worksheets through the iOS app. All account management should be completed through the EdPlace website.

Note that the student account in the app does not display your logo (if you have [added one]).















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