Reviewing students progress.

You want to know that the students on your account are making progress. We offer detailed reports on progress split by subject and by time period.


On the tutor dashboard you can get an ‘at a glance’ update on student progress, with a listing of the number of [completed worksheets] and the average score in each subject.


Clicking on any one of the overall subject scores will take you to an overview page for the subject that shows an overall score, the number of worksheets completed and a list of average scores by topic (ordered from highest to lowest score). Clicking on one of the topic titles will also show you how many worksheets have been completed in the topic.

If you click on the ‘Overall’ tab you’ll be shown an overview of average scores overall and by subject. You also get a list of best and worst performing topics so you can quickly pinpoint where the student might need extra help.

To see how a student’s performance has changed over time head over the Scores page where you can view changes in average score in each subject and overall. You can also compare the student’s scores to the average EdPlace user in the same year as them (so if the student is in Year 6 the EdPlace Average that displays is for Year 6 students only). Tick on the individual scores to see them plotted on the chart.





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