Adding and Managing student account.

This article is for Tutor and Schools account users. If you’re a parent you might find How can I remove a student from my account?helpful.


Your subscription includes a [set number of student accounts]. You can add as many students as you’d like as long as the total number of active student accounts doesn’t exceed the total number of students on your account. This means you can deactivate any students who aren’t currently using the service without losing their account history.


Adding students


You can either add students one by one through your account or send us a batch of student details for bulk upload.


To add a new student account go to Manage students and click on ‘Add Student’. You will be asked for the following information:


Username: A unique username that the student will use to login to their account. For tutors we normally recommend following a pattern with these so that unique but easy to remember (something like ‘First Name’ + ‘Last Name’ + ‘123’).

First Name and Last Name: Used for you to identify the student using their real name

Progress Report Email (optional): if you provide this we will send a [weekly progress report] to the email you provide. Most of our customers use this to send reports to parents.

Year: We’ll use this to group students and to determine the behaviour of [Auto assign] and [self assign]

Password: A unique password that the student will use to log in to the student account.


To make a bulk upload please contact We will send you a simple CSV template to complete and return to us. The upload process normally takes no more than 48 hours.



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