Our reward system makes it easy to create goals for students to work towards, usually tied to a ‘real world’ reward that you give in the classroom or tuition centre. Many tutors match our rewards system to certificates, stickers or other motivational rewards that they already use.


To set a reward follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the Rewards page and click +Create Reward

2. Select the child you want to set a Reward for

3. Enter a Reward description and Category.  The description will appear on the student account alongside the reward category icon. The categories are based on the type of rewards that our users have found effective in the past. We find that tutors often match their rewards to pre-existing reward systems so you might use the ‘Reward Stickers’ or ‘Stationery’ category if you’re already using these kind of rewards.

4. Optionally include a web link if you are offering a reward that has a web page or is online only. 

5. Enter the number of points required for the Reward.  Each correct answer by a student is worth 1 point.  The number of points you enter relates to the points that the student will earn from then on. For example: if a student already has 50 points and the reward is set for 100 points, they will reach the reward when they have earned a total of 150 points.)

6. Finally click Create Reward


The reward will then appear in the student account on both the website and the iOS app. As a student completes


When the student unlocks a reward they will see a notification on their account. You will see a notification on


If a student does not have a reward set on their account they click on ‘request reward’, which sends a notification to your account. The request will appear on your dashboard with the name of the student who requested it.


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