Assigning an activity.

To assign an activity to a student first go to ‘Browse’ in your Tutor account. Select a subject and year group and you will then be shown a list of topics. By default the topics you see will be tagged with our own Topic names which should be more familiar to students and parents. All our worksheets are also mapped to the National Curriculum - you can view activities by National Curriculum Topic and Subtopic by clicking on the ‘By National Curriculum’ tab. Some years also include a ‘Revision’ tab. This will list activities that our teachers have created specifically for SAT and GCSE revision.

Once you select a topic you will see a list of worksheets. To assign a single activity from the list click ‘Assign it’. A box will appear that shows all your student accounts, grouped by school year. To assign to all students in a year group check the ‘Assign to all’ or, to select individual students, click on the Plus icon to view the students in each year and check the boxes next to the students who you would like to assign the activity. Once you’ve chosen all the students click the ‘Confirm’ button.


You can assign multiple activities from a topic at once by checking the box next to each activity you want to assign and then clicking on ‘Assign’. This will open the student selection box. Choose the students as normal and click confirm to assign the batch of activity to the selected students.


You can review the questions that students will be asked before assigning an activity. Click on the title of the activity and move through the activity (remember this is just a preview - you can’t complete the worksheet). If you’re ready to assign the activity click on the ‘Assign’ button in the top left. The student selection box will open and you can assign the work as normal.






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