Unassign an activity.

This article is for Tutor and Schools users. If you’re a parent you might find How can I remove an assigned worksheet? helpful.


You can unassign work from students individually if you want to remove a an activity from a single student account or in batches if you want to remove the same worksheet from multiple students.


To remove an activity from a single student’s To Do list go to your dashboard, find the student you want to remove work from and then click on the number of worksheets assigned to them (the ‘3’ in this screenshot below).


This will take you to a page that displays all of the worksheets assigned to the selected student. To remove one click on the [x] icon next to the worksheet title.  


To remove a single activity from multiple student accounts go to the Assigned Worksheets page in your account. Find the activity you’d like to remove and then click ‘Edit assignees’. This will open a window that displays all of the students who have the activity assigned to them - these are displayed with a tick next to their name. Un-tick the students who you would like to remove the activity from and then click confirm. You can also remove the worksheets from an entire year group by ticking the ‘Unassign from all’ button next to the year group name and then clicking confirm.



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