Checking ( and marking) student work.

Getting the best out of EdPlace means keeping an eye on how each student is doing. You’ll want to see where students are doing well and where they’re struggling on each worksheet. The vast majority of our worksheets are automatically marked by our system so you (and the student) will see results immediately but some will require manual marking. Here’s how to check (and mark) their work.


Checking completed work


First, find the name of the student whose work you want to check on your Tutor dashboard and click on the ‘Completed’ number next to their name. This will take you to a list of all their completed worksheets with a score next to each. If you click through on an individual worksheet you can see the answers submitted by the student, our marking of it and advice on where the student might have gone wrong (this is particularly helpful if you’re not an expert in all the topics assigned to your students). Clicking on ‘Answers Summary’ will give you an overview of the entire worksheet. The student sees the same information in their account when they complete a worksheet or when they review it from their completed list so you might prefer to sit with them and review it together there rather than in your Tutor account.


Manually marking a worksheet


Some of our worksheets (mostly in English) need to be marked by you. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert because our teachers have provided guidance on scoring. When a student completes a worksheet that requires manual marking they’ll see a message telling them that they need to wait for their score. On your dashboard you will see a number listed under the ‘To Mark’ column for each student showing how many worksheets you need to mark.


Clicking on the number will take you to a list of the worksheets that need to be marked. Click on one and you will be shown the first question and the answer given by the student along with guidance on how to score it. Each question will have a maximum number of available points. In the ‘Marks obtained’ field enter the score you think the student should receive then click on ‘Next’ to mark the next question.


When you reach the end of the worksheet click on ‘Save’. You will be shown the overall score for the worksheet and the score will be updated on the student’s completed worksheet list in their account.



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